Our Social Responsibility

The Diepkloof Community Centre

Heidelberg Western Cape

The building was renovated by the Cape Bentonite Mine in 2008/2009 as part of their social responsibility to the community.
The DME as well as the Hessequa Municipality are the other two partners in the venture.

It was agreed that Hessequa municipality will take responsibility to develop or support programs.
A NPO would be established to run programs.

The purpose of the centre

To provide Heidelberg with a facility that will add value to the community.
To create a facility that can be used for social, skills and economic development programmes.
To use the building as a multi purpose centre to render services to the community.
To serve as a satelite for the Riversdale Thusong Centre.

Download a powerpoint
document outlining the purpose and function of the Diepkloof Community Centre.



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