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Eccabond is a general purpose bentonite, mainly, as its name implies, intended for bonding purposes.
Eccabond is available in two size fractions:

Eccabond N (150um)

Eccabond F (75um)

When wetted (hydrated) the Bentonite breaks down into minute colloidal  particles, therefore “wet fineness” is more important than “dry milled  fineness”.
In other words the useful property of the Bentonite, i.e. the bonding  is not  affected greatly by the dry fineness, but the general desired fineness of  the  Bentonite is governed by the size of the ingredients with which it is mixed.

Applications in Foundries

Eccabond is widely used in the throughout the foundry industry.

Eccabond is particularly recommended for steel foundry use for the
following reasons:

High dry strength to prevent mould erosion.
High hot and green strength to maintain mould shape during metal  solidification.
High durability to withstand the higher casting temperatures and gives a
lower burnout rate.

Eccabond is also recommended for iron and ferrous applications for the  following reasons
High green strength particularly necessary with modern high pressure  “boxless” moulding.
Rapid bond development for high production foundries.
Ideal hot and green strengths for easier “knockout”

Pelletisation / Briquetting

Eccabond is successfully used in the pelletising and briquetting of fine ores.  This is done to convert what would otherwise be a waste product into a
usable commodity.
Many ores are mined for the lumpy materials and the fines rejected due
to the problems they create in production.

By simply mixing the fines with  bentonite and water the mixture becomes  bondable which can either be pelletised or briquetted.
The most common ore that is pelletised locally is Ferrochrome.

Eccabond is ideal for this application for the following reasons:
Excellent hot strength, i.e. the bonded fines will not break down in the
furnace, but will progress to the melting stage before breaking down.
The ability to hydrate quickly and delaminate in order to be available for
bonding, due to the short mixing time and low mixing efficiency.

Civil applications
Eccabond N is widely used in civil engineering as a support fluid.

Its main use is to support the sides of panel excavations for diaphragm walls.  
In this application, the Eccabond N forms a barrier or “filter cake” on the
sides  of the excavations to prevent loss of fluid into the ground and provide
a surface layer against which the pressure of the fluid can act in order to  resist  external pressures from the soil and groundwater.

Bentonite support fluids are also widely used in the construction of large  diameter bored piles.
This application is similar to that for diaphragm wall  construction except for  the shape of the excavation.

Small diameter boreholes for site investigation work or other purposes are  often bored through unstable strata using Eccabond N as a support fluid as  an alternative to temporary casings.

Eccabond N are also used in some cases to support the excavation face in  front of tunnelling machines and to transport the cuttings to de-sanding  equipment where they are removed before the fluid is re-circulated for
further  use.


Eccabond is also suitable as a plasticizer for building bricks.
It acts as a binder, but more importantly it adds plasticity thus reducing the  moisture of the mix.
Reduced extrusion pressures and extended die life  results. Ceramic bodies  will also benefit from small additions of Eccabond,  improving the number of  contact points in a mix due to its extremely large  surface area.

Welding Rods

Eccabond, mixed into the rod coating, binds together the various fluxing
materials and acts as a suspending agent until the coating is dried.

Water Treatment

Bentonite concentrations as low as 20 – 80 ppm dispersed in water act
as excellent coagulants in waste effluents. Subsequent flocculation and  settling is achieved by 1 - 2 ppm dosages of a suitable polymer.

Bentonite has demonstrated removal of a wide range of contaminants
to non-detectable levels, resulting in discharge water which meets
or exceeds typical regulatory requirements.

Typical Applications: Sewage treatment, Effluent and process
water recycling.
Clarification of effluents containing oil impurities.

Technical Data Sheet Eccabond F.pdf

 Technical Data Sheet Eccabond N.pdf

Material safety data sheet

Bentonite Material Safety Data Sheet

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